Reasons why we should all support local businesses

Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns have made people increasingly dependent on the internet, turbo-charging their reliance on finding what they need online. This dynamic is here to stay. There’s also been a much bigger focus on people wanting to support local businesses and community functions rather than always using big corporate brands. Add to the mix a growing consumer desire to make sustainable choices with climate change in mind, which local businesses are well placed to deliver.

Whatever the motivation, even small adjustments to buying habits create a steady ripple effect, which can become a lifeline for a small business.

These are changing times, and with the drive to shop locally and buy online comes the need for any business, no matter how small, to have an online presence. The pace of digital change isn’t slowing down any time soon – in fact, it is likely to speed up if anything. So, it is vital that local businesses get online, allowing them to compete in this digital world and avoid getting left commercially behind. 

The local market here in North Wales presents an excellent marketing opportunity for small businesses. There are around 700,000 residents – a readily available, all-year-round audience. So, a small local business only needs to work with a tiny fraction of this number to thrive. There are an amazing number of entrepreneurial small businesses in North Wales. Our regional economy is underpinned by tourism, which generates a ripple of associated jobs and support services. There is a strong artisan presence creating wonderful crafts, products and produce. A wealth of skilled tradespeople. The food and drink scene is fantastic. The outdoor activity scene is vibrant and vital.

Choosing to support local businesses and spending just a little money locally can have a huge impact. And in turn, this benefits the regional economy. It generates employment, improves lives and career opportunities and creates a strong sense of community. 

Close to home

Local businesses are a lifeline in a rural area such as ours.

Close to home, we have an excellent local butcher, a small Co-op and a NISA with an in-store post-office within walking distance. And we use veg box deliveries and a local milkman. It’s a 16-mile round trip to a big supermarket. And yes, there’s convenience in shopping in one place at a one-stop big brand. But look a little harder and you will find excellent small local businesses close to home selling products such as milk, veg boxes, cheese, meats, fish, cakes, bread, eggs, garden supplies and artisan products. You just need to be able to find them. And it’s the same for local tradespeople and services. Deciding to support local business and to buy locally from just one or two of them will bring such a positive benefit back into the local economy.

Many small local businesses, however, are still not online, and their services and products hard to find. They may rely just on a Facebook page or a poster in a shop window. If that rings a bell and you would like to make your business easy to find online, Keeping it Local can help. Contact Cathy for more info.

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