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You don’t have spent very much to make a difference to a local business. And for every £1 spent locally, about 63p stays in the local economy. Havoc is being wreaked by Covid-19, lockdowns, shutdowns and budget cuts. Coupled with the rise of 24×7 internet shopping, small businesses are in a challenging economic situation. Keeping It Local supports local businesses by listing them online, helping them to compete and thrive.

Reasons to shop local

  1. Spending locally will help to boost the local economy
  2. It’s an ethical choice because produce is more likely to be fresh and seasonal and to have travelled fewer food miles
  3. You may get a better deal, some good practical advice or fantastic customer service. Not always as easy to get from a big chain
  4. You will be supporting small local businesses. Did you know that in Conwy County alone, 73% of local businesses employ just 0-4 people?
  5. It’s a dab of sticky social glue, helping to bring local communities together.

Keeping It Local provides a professional online platform for any local North Wales businesses. By helping local business to list online, it allows them to compete in an online world and helps local people to find them. By encouraging people across North Wales businesses to go local and support local businesses, we are creating social glue to bind our communities together and boost our regional economy.

If you run a small business in North Wales, no matter how small, list it with Keeping It Local. Reach more customers online, Prices start from just £3 a month.

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