Local Secrets

How well do any of us really know the place where we live? It is easy to be so comfortable with our surroundings and routine and not look beyond them to do or try something new. When was the last time you walked on a beach or sat out on a clear night and watched the stars?

We both moved to North Wales with our young families about five years ago. Slowly, we’ve got to know our local area quite well yet we are still regularly surprised by beautiful views and sunsets, new places to visit, excellent cafés, talented producers and artisan crafters and the wealth of outdoor activities on our doorstep.

This section of Your Hwb is dedicated to sharing some local secrets as we come across them, so that more of us who live in this beautiful part of North Wales all-year-round can enjoy and use them whenever they wish. Discover Pensychnant Conservation Centre, the Hidden Gardens of Plas Cadnant, the Carneddau ponies and Lon las Cefni as a starter for 10. Over time, our list wil grow longer and longer.

If you live in North Wales and have your own local secret place, walk or destination that you think other people might like to share and enjoy, do get in touch. We could be adding your ideas to our “secret” list.

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Felin Honeybees

The future is buzzing for Felin Honey here in North Wales. Bees are so [...]

Plas Cadnant

A true North Wales secret, this is a must-do for garden lovers

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