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Online demand for local businesses and services has surged after COVID-19, lockdowns, and increasing focus on climate change and sustainability. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst, expediting the transition towards a digital marketplace. Approximately 97% of consumers now turn to the Internet to seek information. The trend of browsing and transacting online is here to stay.

Unlock your business’s online potential with Keeping It Local. In an era where a robust online presence is essential for success, we offer cost-effective tools to help you compete effectively.

Keeping It Local provides search engine-friendly listings optimised to perform well on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Here’s how it works: we tailor our Simple search engine-friendly listing to your business and target audience, adding it to our business directory. We’ll also leverage social media platforms to amplify your message and help you network with fellow local businesses.

If you want to include lots of detail with your listing or if you’re taking your first steps towards establishing an online presence, you can even have your own webpage. This is our Detailed listing – an economical alternative to building your own website. It’s an ideal choice for businesses looking to start an online journey.

Is your business already online? Our search engine-friendly listings will further enhance your digital footprint, increasing your visibility in search engine results.

And if you’re looking for guidance on digital strategy, social media platforms to use and optimising your website’s potential, head to ItsLello for expert advice.

Don’t miss out on the digital revolution. Click here to start listing your North Wales business with Keeping It Local.

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