• 1 Sep 2023
  • UK

Enterprise Nation

FREE to join – yes, that’s free – a rare event these days; Enterprise Nation was set up in 2005 and is focused on supporting people to start and grow their own successful businesses.

Working out how to start and grow a business can be tough at times, and Enterprise Nation’s community of small businesses and business advisers are there to help shortcut the route to trusted business support.

Whether starting or growing a business, this organisation has the resources, expertise, and connections to help you get it right.

Access support at a selection of events – filter these so you only see the Welsh or North West England ones (some are easily accessible from North Wales) – or online via a dynamic platform that gets you to answers and advisers fast.

Founded by Emma Jones CBE in 2005. Enterprise Nation has grown to be a community of over 100,000 people doing amazing things. Emma is passionate about supporting people to start and grow their own successful businesses and representing their views to governments and the media. This is an organisation which Keeping It Local rates as being well worth following, and they offer some fantastic resources, courses and events.

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