Why supporting local businesses makes good sense

Shopping habits are shifting with consumers moving towards local businesses and local suppliers.

  • Restrictions generated by Covid-19 are forcing consumers to look closer to home
  • Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how vital our local economy is
  • And consumers want to make sustainable choices with climate change in mind.

Whatever the motivation, even small adjustments to buying habits create a steady ripple effect. Which can become a lifeline for many small businesses.

And more and more people want to shop locally and buy online. If your local business is not yet online, there is a real danger you are being commercially left behind. And the pace of digital change isn’t slowing down…

The local market here in North Wales presents an excellent marketing opportunity for small businesses. Approximately 700,000 people live here. Local residents are an all-year-round audience. So a small local business only needs to work with a tiny fraction of this number as its audience to thrive.

An amazing number of small businesses run across North Wales. A mainstay of our regional economy is tourism, and this generates a ripple of associated jobs and support services. There is a strong artisan presence, making excellent products and produce. And good tradespeople and services are busy. The food scene is fantastic.

Deciding to go local and spending just a little money locally can have a big impact on the security of jobs and businesses. And in turn, this benefits the local economy. It generates jobs, improves lives and career opportunities and creates a strong sense of community. 

Rural distances

Supporting local businesses in a rural area such as ours is more challenging than in a large city or busy town.

For example, from Keeping It Local HQ in Llanfairfechan near Conwy, it’s a 16-mile round drive to a big supermarket. Close to home, we have an excellent local butcher, a small Co-op and a NISA with an in-store post-office within walking distance. And we use veg box deliveries and a local milkman.

Yes, there’s convenience in shopping in one place at Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons or Waitrose, – all big one-stop brands. But there are also lots of excellent small local businesses selling products such as milk, veg boxes, cheese, meats, fish, cakes, bread, eggs, garden supplies and artisan products. And it’s the same for local tradespeople and services. Deciding to support local businesses and to buy locally from just one or two of them will bring benefit back into the local economy.

Many small local businesses, however, are still not online, and their services and products may not be well advertised. They may rely just on a Facebook page or a poster in a shop window. Helping consumers to find these local businesses is where Keeping It Local comes in! Contact Cathy for more info.

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