Our backstory

Keeping It Local is a digital platform designed to promote local North Wales businesses.

Created to encourage people to go local by using local services and local shops and businesses by making your local business easy to find online. We help people to find your products and services from online searches via our search engine friendly online listings.

Keeping It Local is easy to join and will help you to get list your products and services effectively with search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ecosia and Duck Duck Go.

There’s lots of research which clearly shows that consumers increasingly use the internet as their go-to resource for finding information. And this is often while on the move. What is clear is that if your business has no online presence or if does not list against relevant popular searches, consumers simply won’t find you. Instead, they will use those that do list well.

Using local businesses and services generates such positive benefits to local enterprise and communities. And in the present climate, where Covid-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live and interact, being able to go local has, for many, become a necessary lifeline. 

Keeping It Local is run by ItsLello, a teeny tiny digital marketing and copywriting business, with over twenty-five years of digital experience, based in Llanfairfechan. ItsLello is passionate about doing good business well and has launched Keeping It Local to support its local business community.

Join Keeping it Local and you’ll get plenty of quality free advice, affordable prices no matter how small your business is and great results.

Going local makes a difference because it…

  • Boosts the local economy. Research on spending by local authorities shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, around 63p remained in the local economy. This compares to 40p with larger firms. Research also shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop can mean up to an additional £50 going back into the local economy. Why? Because local shop owners put the money they earn back into the local community by using shops, cafes, restaurants, services and so on. So money circulates locally, helping to grow local businesses.
  • Creates jobs and career opportunities.
  • Is an ethical choice, cutting air miles and improving carbon footprints. It reduces packaging, travelling times, field-to-fork journeys. Produce is fresher and ofter higher quality than mass-produced alternatives. Service is personal and reliable.
  • Offers choice, which in turn, makes competition, widens diversity and controls pricing. All good for the consumer. 
  • Builds communities. Cafes, craft shops, local trades, word of mouth recommendations, all bringing people together and helping the local economy to thrive.
  • Brings community character to a commercialised world by developing local and regional identities.
  • Delivers good customer service. The local world is a small one. People know people who know people. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth referrals. They can work both ways!

To find out more about Keeping It Local and how to join our local business family, contact us.


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