Let me tell you a little about Keeping It Local. I’m Cathy and I’ve created this online business directory to give small businesses across North Wales a search engine-friendly platform to list on. Based in Llanfairfechan near Conwy in North Wales, I love doing good business well and have worked in the digital marketing sector for more than 25 years and run ItsLello.

As a fellow small business, I understand that your marketing budgets are likely to be tight or non-existent. And that promoting your business is the first expense to go when times are tight. Keeping It Local is a pocket-friendly way to list and promote your business online, helping you to make sure you list in relevant online searches, even if you don’t have a website.

Covid-19 and multiple lockdowns turbo-charged people’s reliance on online tools to find information. Undoubtedly, this dynamic is here to stay. Keeping It Local helps your customers, present and future, to find, buy and use your products and services. Listings are supported by social media updates. Combined, they direct customers to use local services and to shop locally. 

The importance of having an online presence

The digital revolution is racing along and now customers use online services to such an extent that it is simply a must, as a small business owner, to have some sort of online presence. And when customers can’t find your business online, they go elsewhere. It is that simple.

  • If your business doesn’t list when someone searches on, for example, Google, then they won’t find you
  • If you run your local business just through social media, this won’t help you to list well on search engines
  • You may not know that the algorithms behind platforms such as Facebook and Instagram control who sees your messages. This means that if you only use social media and don’t have a website, you will only reach a limited audience

Using local small businesses and services generates such positive benefits to our local economy and communities. And small businesses rely on their local areas for trade.

Great value for money and easy to join, Keeping It Local will help your small business to list on key search engines and you’ll also get plenty of free quality advice. No matter how micro your business is, you’ll see great results – the majority of businesses on Keeping It Local are listed on the first page of Google. Add your business today.

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